We thank you for participating at MIDE expo. We are thrilled to have you showcase your products/services and engage with our diverse audience. To ensure a smooth and successful experience for everyone involved, please read through the following guidelines and information:


AsiaEvents Exsic Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603 7980 9902 / 7981 9909
E: info@mide.com.my
W: www.mide.com.my

Person in Charge:
Ness Puvanes
M: +6012 3322723
E: ness@mide.com.my

Thayalan Kennedy (Kenny)
M: +6012 3166490
E: thayalan@mide.com.my


Pico International (M) Sdn Bhd
Ms. Tay Lai
M: +6010 391 6135
E: tay.lai@pico.com.my

Freight Forwarder
DSV Solutions (DC) Sdn Bhd
Ms. Irene Leow / Ms Suhaiza Zainor
M: +6012 2977377 /
6012 3070092
irene.leow@dsv.com / suhaiza.zainor@dsv.com

Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC)
Ms. Kavitha
M +6010-266 6873
E: salesoperations@mitec.com.my

MIDE Security Head
Hairiz Hamzah
M: +6012 2559469


1. Exhibitor’s Manual

Exhibitors’ must fill out the necessary forms for the booth set up and the other arrangements. All forms must be submitted before the deadline 15 May 2024 to avoid extra charges. Please click the LINK to fill-up and submit.

2. Concept/Design Booth
a. Exhibitors must submit all concepts/design booth visuals to the Organizer by 15 May 2024 for approval. Any concept/design booth not approved by the Organizer will not be allowed to construct.

b. Please note that all special design stands are limited to maximum height of 4.9mH only. Kindly consult official contractor for any clarification on stand build heights. Design plans must include details of the construction materials and the methods to be used for assembly.

c. Stand structures or designs which are not approved, or do not conform to be technical regulations on the laws governing such items, must be altered, or removed. Exhibitors or theirs appointed contractor will be responsible for all cost incurred with regards to the necessary alterations.

d. All stands, irrespective of height must have at least 50% of any frontage facing an aisle open. This area must be left visibly free of obstruction.

e. Ensure that the maximum height for any design / customize booth is 4.9mH, booth height above 4.9mH are required to submit PE endorsement with the design submission and such design will be restricted to an area of 1 meter away from the back and side of the walls

f. All partition walls should not be covering more than 50% in length, unless the partitions are constructed against the actual walls of the hall / venue, and not obstructing the products on display on the other side of it 50% visibility from every open aisle is applied for all customize booth.

g. All Bare Space Exhibitor / Non- Official Contractor must submit to Official Contractor – Pico to review the design: –
1) A set of detailed scaled, with dimension (Layout design) and perspective 2D /3D showing the proposed design of booth with relative position of all display / products / equipment
2) Stand Plan Checklist
3) Method of statement
4) HIRAC (if any)

3. Display of Exhibits

All exhibits must be related to diving, boating and watersports only.  Any products or packages not related to the above, the Organizer reserves the right to expel the exhibitor from the expo. Should an exhibitor like to promote a non-dive related product, kindly write to the Organizer at info@mide.com.my

4. Subletting of Stands

Exhibitors must not transfer, dispose of, part with or otherwise sublet and whole or any part of their site, whether for financial consideration or otherwise. Exhibitors must, if they are acting as agent, distributor or licensee, state at the time of contract the names of the principals to be represented.

5. Sharing of Booth

Exhibitors sharing booths must notify the Organizer via email for approval. Failing to do so, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry.

6. Booth Payment

All booth payment and other incidental costs must be paid on or before 15 May 2024 to avoid any inconvenience. No badges will be issued whilst accounts are outstanding.

7. Stage / Booth Activities

Exhibitors must inform the Organizer of any booth activities or presentations during the event. Impromptu activities are not allowed.

8. Store Room

A store room will be constructed to store-up goods and boxes. Exhibitors in need of such space must fill up the form listed in the E-Manual and submit with payment by 12 May 2024.  Store keys to be collected from the Organizer as Registration Counter on the move-in day between 2.00pm to 8.00pm.

9. Water Dispenser

Water dispensers are available upon request. Anyone interested must fill up the Form 13-Water Dispenser in the E-Manual.

10. LED Advertising Option

LED Screen for advertising exposure is available during the 3 days expo.  Take advantage of this opportunity by having your 15 second message continuously loop throughout the expo. If you are keen to advertise, please contact the Organizer at: info@mide.com.my to book your spot. Artwork of the visual to be provided by Exhibitor.

11. Official Freight Forwarder

Exhibitors’ are advised to engage with the Official Freight Forwarder (OFF) appointed by the Organizer. This helps to avoid any unnecessary logistical miscommunication in the Exhibition Hall. Please click Form 9-Freight Forwarder

12. Official Contractor

Exhibitors’ are advised to engage with the official contractor appointed by the Organizer.  Official Contractor are be able to assist on all do’s and don’ts of the venue requirement, able to assist exhibitors  in the installation of booth, power supply and other necessary requirement without any inconvenient to all parties.

13. Non-Official Contractor

Exhibitor’s engaging external contractors must inform the Organizer via Order Form 1-Non-Official Contractor listed in the E-Manual. All non-contractors and transporters MUST abide the rules and regulations of the E-manual. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to advise and ensure that all rules and regulations are adhered by the non-Official Contractors.

14. National Pavilion /Group Stands

Contracting parties for pavilion stands are responsible for ensuring that all Exhibitors within their group are fully aware of, and agree to abide E-manual Terms and Conditions and by the Rules & Regulations of the Exhibition.

15. Manning of Booth

The booth must be fully staffed, operational and exhibits must be displayed during exhibition hours. Exhibitors must not participate in any activity that in the opinion of the Organizer, likely to cause annoyance to visitors or other Exhibitors.



DateSet up Time
5 June Official Contractor7.00am - 12.00am
5 June Non Official Contractor10.00am - 11.00pm
DateMove In & Loading Bay ScheduleTime
6 JuneOfficial Freight Forwarder/Non Official Freight Forwarder7.00am - 11.00pm
6 JuneOutside movers/transporters10.00am - 10.00pm
6 JuneExhibitors move in to set up12.00pm - 9.00pm
DateExhibition Hall Open & CloseTime
7 – 9 June Hall opens for Exhibitors9.00am - 10.00am
7 – 9 June Loading bay for exhibitors during event date (Stock replenishing)8.00am – 9.30am
7 – 9 June Exhibition hall open & close for Visitors10.00am - 7.00pm
9 June Move out – Official Contractor/
Non-Official Contractor/
Official Freight Forwarder/
Movers / transporters / Exhibitors
7.00pm – 12.00am


During move in and move out, it is mandatory requirement by the venue for personnel’s, exhibitors, contractors and suppliers to:  

a) Wear close toe shoes. Without close toe shoes, exhibitors will be denied on entry for set up
b) No slippers are allowed
c) No skirts and short
d) Only 3/4 short pants are allowed

3. Safety Vest

It is the mandatory requirement by the venue for all personnel/exhibitors in the building of the Halls during move in and move out MUST wear a high visibility safety vest. Kindly collect the safety vest from Organizer and thereafter to return the vest. A charge for non-return of the vest will be levied.

4. Badge
a. Exhibitors’ Badges to be collected from the Registration Counter located at Level 1, on 6 June 2024 between 12.00pm to 8.00pm.

b. All personnel in the exhibition hall must wear identification badges at all times. Exhibitors are strictly prohibited from exchanging badges. Exhibitors badge is only to be used by bona-fide Exhibitors and remain the property of AsiaEvents Exsic Sdn Bhd. Misuse of Exhibitor badge can result in confiscation and expulsion from the expo.

c. If any exhibitors are seen without the badge during the event/at the stand, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry.

d. All exhibitor badges will be scanned before entry to the hall.

e. Additional badges, please fill up Form 5-Additional Badges and submit.

5. Set-Up of Exhibits at Booth Stand

All exhibits and set up must be completed by 9.00pm on 6 June 2024. Setting up of exhibits during the operating hours of the exhibition is STRICTLY prohibited.

6. Exhibition Booth

a. All products for sale must be clearly displayed. Organizer do not allow any products to be sold directly from packed boxes. Boxes are not allowed to be stocked up at venue or at individual booths.

b. Items displayed must be within the booth space and should not obstruct the walkways. Items displayed outside the booth space will be pushed into the Exhibitor’s booth by Expo security without warning or notice.

c. Any handing out of flyers, brochure and leaflet must be done within the exhibitor’s booth space only.

d. Strictly NO soliciting – Anyone found soliciting will be persecuted.


1. Exhibition Date & Time

The Exhibition will be opened from 7 – 9 June 2024. The exhibition hall is opened to exhibitors from 9.00am – 7.00pm hours on show day. Exhibitors are not permitted to close their booth or remove any of his exhibits, displays/merchandise from the hall during the entire duration of the designated exhibition times.

2. No Plastic Bag Campaign

Organizer is encouraging all exhibitors to go plastic-free. The objective is to reduce plastic bag consumption in a bid to save our environment. Organizer advice all exhibitors to use the biodegradable plastic or non-woven bags only.

3. Packed Food

Packed food is not allowed to consume at the booth stand. Exhibitor Lounge will be provided within the hall; therefore it is advisable that all exhibitors consume packed food at the lounge. 

4. Security Check

a. Badge

The security personnel on duty will not allow any Exhibitor WITHOUT their designated badge. This is strictly NON-NEGOTIABLE for security purpose. Please advise your colleagues on duty to wear their designated badges.

b. Luggage/Bag Check

Luggage and bags will be checked before entry. Organizer request all parties to corporate to avoid soliciting and or non-allowance substance into the expo. This is a strict requirement by the Organizer.

c. Dangerous and hazardous substances

No dangerous goods or hazardous substances are allowed into the venue without written approval from the Organizer.

5. Secure Your Belongings

Please secure your belongings. The Organizer will not be liable for any losses and/or damage caused.

6. Replenish Of Exhibits

Replenishing of stocks, refer schedule above. MITEC security will not entertain any request after the given time due to security and safety reasons. Movement of exhibits/stocks during exhibition’s hours are strictly prohibited.

7. Parking Rate

Please click here to view the parking location & rate 

MITEC has two levels of basement parking providing a total of 1400 parking bays which are charged per hour. The entrances to the car parks can be easily found both at North and South entrance.

a) MITEC Parking Rates
1st hour or part thereof – RM10
Subsequent hour – RM5
Maximum per day – RM15
Above rates inclusive of SST

For Visa/Master/Debit card – additional 10% service provider fee applies
Note: The rates are effective from 6:01am to 6:00am (the following day)

b) MATRADE Open Car Park
Before 10am: RM14
After 10am: RM7

c) MITI Basement Parking
1st 3 hours: RM5
Subsequent hours: RM2
12 hours: RM 20

d) The MET Corporate Towers Basement Parking
Weekday: RM15
Saturday & Sunday: RM5

8. Loading and Unloading Bay

Loading bay will be at WEST GATE ENTRY.  Please click the link to view the route.

9.Vehicle Entry Permit & Exhibitor’s loading Pass
a. Pico Intl Malaysia – MIDE Official Contractor, will liaise with all exhibitors in regards to vehicle entry permit and pass for loading and unloading.

b. DSV Solutions (DC) Sdn Bhd – MIDE Official freight forwarded will be managing all transition on transport on loading and unloading, both on bump-in and bump-out.

1. Exhibitor are only allowed to pack-up at 7.00pm when the main door closes for visitors. If the Exhibitor pack up early or leave early prior to the expo’s conclusion on each scheduled event day, the Organizer reserve the right to retain the performance bond.

2. All service suppliers can only enter the venue space once the exhibition is closed at 7.00pm.

Organizer humbly request all exhibitors to abide all terms and conditions, rules and regulation set forth above and appreciate everyone’s kind cooperation, assistance and understanding to make this expo a success for all parties.

Thank you.
MIDE Organizing Team


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