Forum – Selakan Island? Whats There For Me?

Get ready for a scuba diving session like no other! Join Clement Lee, Ipah Lynn UID, and Jade Fazidah, the trailblazing pioneers, and award-winning photographers in the Malaysian scuba diving scene. Together, they’ll be taking the stage at MIDE 2023 to share their captivating personal experiences of Selakan Island, Semporna, Sabah.

Discover the wonders of the underwater landscape and creatures that call this destination home. These three experts will reveal their secrets and highlight the potential of Selakan Island to put Malaysia on the international map. Are you an underwater macro photography enthusiast? Then you won’t want to miss this session!

Be ready to be hooked as Clement Lee, Ipah Lynn UID, and Jade Fazidah take you on a journey through Selakan Island’s vibrant and colorful marine life. Get inspired and discover the endless possibilities of this new scuba diving destination in

2023 Moderator

Aminor Azmi bin Abdul Latip

Managing Director/ Founder


Founder of Luma’ Selakan since 2018, focussing on making Luma’ Selakan as a main destination for Underwater Macro Paradise in Malaysia. With the tagline ” A home away from home” he and his crews are determine to provide full diving services to divers who come and dive with Luma’ Selakan.

2023 Panelist


Diving Icon/Industry Pioneer

One of the pioneers in the tourism industry of Sabah and is now retired. With much free time to his disposal now, he leisurely indulges in his passion for diving by spending time underwater, birding and nature photography. Also an active conservationist, he dedicates his time and energy towards conservation efforts of Sabah’s natural resources.


Fazidah Fakhrudin or better known as “Jade” was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since young, she has always been fascinated with all things aquatic; especially the ocean and its creatures. Her passion for scuba diving began 19 years ago when she took her first diving course. From then on, she was hooked and has been diving ever since.

Jade is also the Founder of Mentari Scuba, an online dive travel operation with the tagline of “Exploring New Diving Horizons”, that focusses on offering quality dive packages at affordable prices. Jade has travelled extensively to some of the most interesting dive destinations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Maldives, and Mauritius; relishing the challenge of diving in different environments. Her extensive experience in different dive destinations has given her a deep understanding and appreciation of marine life and the importance of maintaining the delicate balance of life in the ocean. She believes that every dive is a new experience and that there is always something new to learn about the ocean and its inhabitants. Her true love however, remains on the tiny macro critters and she is always eager to expand her understanding of these special creatures.

Ipah Uid Lynn

PADI Scuba Instructor / Professional Underwater Photographer / Marelux Ambassador

Ipah Uid is an underwater photographer and a Padi Instructor from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. She has been photographing underwater for more than 15 years and travels the world in search of marine life from the smallest to the biggest animals. Her main aim is to showcase how beautiful the underwater world is. She Is an award-winning photographer and has won more than 25 international awards throughout the world and has participated in many international judging in her career as well as showcasing her works in private galleries. She shares her knowledge in hopes that the future generation will able to continue to take care of the ocean as well as telling stories of creative photography and her Photography journey from macro to Wide angle and sharing her favorite places to be.


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