Forum – Underwater Photography
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of underwater photography as our panelists unveil the beauty and mystery that lies beneath the surface. Explore the depths of creativity and unearth the hidden treasures awaiting your lens

2024 Moderator

Aminor Azmi

Luma Selakan aims to nurture a haven for underwater photographers. It’s a deliberate path, a constant balance between maximizing guest experiences and staying true to their core mission. Since their pioneering days in 2019, Luma Selakan has evolved into a photographer’s paradise. Here, infrastructure isn’t just about comfort; it’s meticulously designed to enrich your photographic journey.

The team relentlessly strives to set an unmatched standard for every aspect of your dive experience. They meticulously break down their services into distinct categories – dive center operations, boat management, underwater support, and post-dive care – ensuring every crew member is focused on delivering exceptional service for each guest.

2024 Panelist

Jade Fazidah

For 20 years, Jade Fazidah has explored Southeast Asia’s underwater world, but Selakan Island holds a special place in her heart. Join Jade at MIDE 2024 as she shares her experiences with Luma Selakan, revealing why Selakan is her go-to spot for macro photography and how to choose your perfect vacation location for exploration dives. Discover the magic of Selakan and unlock your own underwater photography potential!

Ipah UID

Throughout her illustrious career as an award-winning photographer, Ipah has experienced the pinnacle – and the pitfalls – of Malaysia’s dive services. Ipah’s mission? To inspire the local underwater photography enthusiasts. Ipah will share candid insights, drawing from both exceptional and disappointing experiences. Her goal is to foster a culture of excellence that attracts international photographers and elevate Malaysia’s reputation as a premier dive destination.

2023 Moderator

Cheryl Goh

Group VP of Marketing and Sustainability

Cheryl is part of the early founding team at Grab. She leads marketing and sustainability for the group, covering all of Grab’s business verticals including mobility, deliveries, financial services and enterprise. Cheryl’s been diving for over a decade and invested in a secondhand underwater camera by her 3rd dive trip. She finds great joy and escape when underwater and has even started a dive club in Grab to cultivate a greater love for the ocean. She’s also a committee member of Tengah Island Conservation located in Johor. 

2023 Panelist

QJ Kang

Senior Manager

QJ is a financial market profession who started diving in 2012 based on a friend’s suggestion and has not looked back since. He started underwater photography in 2013 to casually log the marine life he’s seen. Over time, his passion grew as photography gives him a different perspective and much satisfaction. QJ also enjoys how underwater photography brings people together. This sense of community is one of the many aspect he loves about underwater photography

Steve Tay

Head of Sales, MY

Steve is the head of sales for IT solutions company in Malaysia. He grew up in the seaside town of Kelantan and has always felt an affinity with the ocean. He is a rescue diver and has done over 1000 dives all over the world. He finds pure joy just being and breathing underwater. Underwater photography has truly changed Steve’s ability to appreciate and connect with the natural world.


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