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William is Canon’s EOS Master (30th July 2023 – 30th July 2025). He is also generously sponsored by Fourth Element Equipment for Adventure, Fun-In Underwater Photo Equipment, Nauticam International Limited, RGBlue Underwater Lighting System, and Scubalamp Underwater Photography Equipment.


Underwater Photographer

Nurul is an award-winning professional underwater photographer, who has been published in several diving and wildlife magazines.

She is also a co-owner of Triton Bay Divers, a resort in one of West Papua’s most remote and pristine areas.

Whether she is diving with sharks or fighting against the currents in some remote destination, it is always with a camera in one hand and her eyes wide open.


Corporate Messenger Boy         

Takuya is a corporate messenger boy of INON INC., manufacturer of underwater imaging gears. Over his 20 years’ career with the company, he has served the global market, growing the brand with local representatives. He enjoys connecting with enthusiastic people fascinated by the ocean, who is passionate about scuba diving and underwater imaging. To gain inspiration, Takuya regularly dives in different locations around the world while marketing his underwater toys. As a messenger boy, Takuya delivers corporate messages as well as collecting market intel to help the company stay ahead.


Edmund is a seasoned diver with a passion for exploring the underwater world. With years of experience in the field. He has become a recognized authority in sidemount diving, a specialized form of scuba diving that involves carrying tanks alongside the diver, rather than on their back. His Journey into sidmeount diving began years ago when he was fascinated by the flexibility and freedom it offers underwater enthusiasts.


Malaysia Cave Diving Association Advisor

A technical underwater cave explorer, Lee, along with his team, is currently conducting underwater cave and mines explorations in Sungai Lembing and Kinta Valley in Malaysia. The Sungai Lembing Mines was ones well-known for being the deepest tin mine in the world at about 700m in depth.

In 2021, Lee and his team also discovered one of the deepest mines in Kinta Valley following a flood in Perak.


Born and raised in Korea, Jerome Kim has been based in the Philippines for the last 22 years. He considers the Philippines as his favourite dive spot in the Coral Triangle because of the great macro opportunities and as well as big pelagic and schools of fish. He’s been traveling many diving destinations in abroad such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Maldives, Palau, Thailand and Taiwan etc. for different kind of subject hunting. A professional architect who designed the Korean Embassy in Manila and having constructed 100+ projects in the Philippines and abroad, Jerome has won more than 70 awards from UW competitions in Korea, the Philippines and internationally. He was a featured photographer in various magazines including Scubadivers, Scubanet, UWPhotographers, Underwater World, Sea&Sea Magazine, EZDIVE,,, e-Mag, Underwater Macro Photographers e-Mag, Divers Alert, Ocean Geographic and more. His work has been published in more than 30 magazines and newspapers including the South China Morning Post (H.K), Washington Post, Divers Alert (US), Manila Bulletin, Inquirer, Chosun, Dongah (Korea). He has been invited as VIP speaker at several prestigious dive shows including DRT, ADEX, SPOEX and TDEX. He has also been a panel judge for World Oceans Day Competition by the United Nations, Asia UW Photo Challenge by EZDIVE, Drangon Cup by UWPIXEL, Okinawa Masterclass by Okinawa Tourism, Green Island UW Competition by Taiwan Tourism, UWMP competition, Deep Visions and more. He started and co-organized Anilao UW Photo Shootout with the Department of Tourism in the Philippines three years ago, which today is one of the most successful UW competition events worldwide. He had also organized the Okinawa Master Class and Underwater Dreamtour.


Founder & dive guide at Oceamor Dive, Indonesian Underwater Photographer

Roy Legi was born and raised in Manado. He started his journey as a scuba diver since 1995 and became a dive guide in Manado, specialising in Bunaken, for more than 10 years before he finally obtained his Scuba Diving Instructor Course. Roy learned about underwater photography by watching his underwater photographer guests during his dive tours. While he started with cheap camera, Roy maximized usage of every equipment he had. He then started submitting to the Underwater Photo Competition in 2016, and proceeded to win some local and international awards for his photography.

After moving to Bali in 2018, he founded Oceamor Dive working with his wife, who is also a scuba diving instructor and underwater photography enthusiast. They work together by teaching dive courses, guiding, and doing underwater photography projects in Bali or other places around Indonesia.


Underwater Photographer

AARON WONG is one of the most published and recognised underwater photographers in Asia. A commercial and advertising photographer by trade, Aaron has been shooting professionally for more than 25 years. His iconic images shine new light on the world beneath the waves. His marine fine art images have not only won awards from the likes of BBC Wildlife, Al-Thani and Our World Underwater, but they have also inspired countless people to appreciate our oceans and discover the beauty of our blue planet.

A Nikon and Seacam ambassador, a member of the Ocean Artists Society and field editor of Scuba Diver Australasia, Aaron’s underwater images have graced the pages of dive publications internationally. Aaron has even published two underwater photography books dedicated to his craft. Through his images, he helps spread the message of marine conservation. Most notably is his work with sharks, where he campaigns actively for the protection of these beautiful animals. As the ambassador of Shark Savers, Aaron helped start the ‘FINished with Fins’ campaign in 2012, aimed to educate people on the reality of shark finning. Today, the campaign is the largest of its kind in the world with major Asian countries coming together to speak as one in stopping this cruel trade.

As ADEX’s Ocean Citizen Ambassador, Aaron now divides his time between his studio work, and the protection and exploration of our oceans.


Wirdati is a sport law practitioner at Messrs. Zahir Khailani Kuala Lumpur since 2022. Prior to that, she was a sport law senior lecturer at the University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur. She was also the former Sport Commissioner of Malaysia, responsible for the administration of the Sport Development Act 1997 from 2019 till 2020 at the Sport Commissioners’ Office, Ministry of Youth and Sport Malaysia. With an academic career spanning more than 25 years, Wirdati now advise international and national sport associations on applied sport governance frameworks and other sport law matters. She is also appointed as the Malaysia Scuba Diving Association Advisor (MSDA) in 2022. She is also one of the founding member of the Sport Management and Administration Association of Malaysia (SMAS) and now acted as Advisor to the association.


Aminor Azmi is the visionary force behind Luma’ Selakan. He didn’t just create a brand; he meticulously crafted a haven for scuba enthusiasts and nature lovers on Selakan Island. Amin was instrumental in establishing Selakan as a diving tourism destination, and his passion extends beyond leading dives.

Leveraging his expertise as a professional photographer, Amin, along with his dedicated crew and supported by local divers and underwater photographers, pioneered underwater macro photography experiences in the region. This unique specialization catered to a specific niche and cemented Luma’ Selakan’s position as a leader in the field.

Azmi’s dedication extends beyond his role as a resort owner. He is a certified IANTD Instructor and actively shares his knowledge and passion through talks and experiences across Malaysia and even in Singapore, serving as an EXCO member of the Malaysia Scuba Diving Association (MSDA).



Ipah, a Kuala Lumpur-based Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Instructor and mother of six, is a globally acclaimed creative photographer known for seamlessly blending art and life . With over 35 prestigious international awards, her work graces prominent dive publications worldwide, and she shares her expertise as a speaker at dive shows, educating audiences on the art of capturing vibrant underwater scenes. Beyond her artistic achievements, Ipah’s profound love for the underwater world fuels her mission to advocate for marine life conservation, emphasising the significance of preserving marine ecosystems for future generations.  Ipah passionately champions ocean conservation, utilising her photography to educate about the challenges facing our oceans. Her inspiring journey encapsulates a harmonious blend of motherhood, artistic talent, and unwavering environmental advocacy.


Director | Professsional Photographer  

The IMPS,  Asia’s most celebrated and internationally published dive adventure and underwater photography family. They have been capturing the magnificence of life both below and above the water’s surface for over 25 years. Their style is different from anything seen. Imran is known for his experimental photography with light and motion, Debbie for underwater modeling/ photographer and Izabell is just starting her journey into the UWP world.

Imran graduated from Middlesex University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film-making. He is an ambassador for Mares, Nikon, Blancpain Ocean Commitment, SEACAM, RGB Lights (Japan),

and a member of the Ocean Artist Society. While Imran spends much of his time as a professional photographer giving presentations and promoting photography in all its aspects, both as an art and documentation. The family travels with him and adds to partnership of underwater models to creative decisions for publications and consultations.

Imran’s work has been published in National Geographic, Edition Fifty Fathoms, Straits Times and more. Besides diving the ocean, he is the in-house professional at ESCAPEINC ASIA, a

photographically inspired showroom in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. They run photo inspired adventures around the world, and are distributors for

some of the best underwater photographic equipment. Together with Debbie and his daughter, Izabell, they are known as the “IMPS”


Winnie received her BSc (Hons) in Tourism Management from UiTM Shah Alam and has been with Tourism Industry for almost 10 years. With her widely experience in tourism industry, she (together will all the sales team of BD), main agenda is to drive company’s strategic growth, innovative and competitive. She looks forward to see the greatest achievement of Borneo Divers on the world stage!


Director TRACC

As an avid traveler Robin fell in love with diving in Egypt. What started as a hobby turned into a passion he could not ignore. After over a decade later in the diving industry, he now fully focusses on marine conservation as the Director of the Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC) at Pom Pom Island, Sabah.

Seeing the destruction of coral reefs first hand all over Asia made him realize we can’t wait for change. That sparked him to join TRACC in 2017. Whether it is rehabilitating coral reefs; protecting turtles; or volunteering; everyone can play their part. Robin is passionately educating the new generations of divers about what impact they can have to be more environmentally friendly.

MONICA CHIN aka Monica Borneo

Meet Monica Borneo, a native of Borneo whose love for the environment runs deep. Since 1996, Monica has explored the depths of the ocean as an avid scuba diver, immersing herself in the beauty and fragility of marine ecosystems. Her passion for conservation led her to become a respected speaker at the Asia Dive Expo (ADEX), Australia International Dive Expo (AIDE) and Malaysia Internation Dive Expo (MIDE) since 2018, where she advocates tirelessly for the protection of our oceans and marine life.

Beyond her role as a conservation speaker, Monica is a dedicated environmentalist and nature conservationist, committed to making a tangible difference in her home region of Sabah, Borneo. As a practitioner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2016, she actively works towards creating a more sustainable future for both nature and communities.

Monica’s unwavering commitment and dedication have not gone unnoticed. She has been honored with several awards for her outstanding contributions to conservation efforts in South East Asia, recognizing her hard work and tireless dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Sabah and its people.

In Monica Borneo, we find a true leader—a beacon of hope for nature and a champion for the communities she serves.  Work silent with big impact!


Meet Jazz, a spirited 15-year-old hailing from the lush landscapes of Borneo Sabah. Four years ago, Jazz dove headfirst into beach clean-ups, driven by a desire to restore the Earth’s beauty. As she combed the shores, a profound love for the ocean and nature took root in her heart.

Jazz couldn’t ignore the daily assault on our planet’s health, observing harmful habits that threatened its well-being. Fuelled by this realization, she embarked on a journey of discovery, eager to confront environmental challenges with an open mind and unwavering determination.

Inspired by her mother’s dedication to nature conservation, Jazz found her calling. With every step, she strives for a brighter, greener future for Borneo Sabah and beyond. Jazz dreams of a world where nature thrives, not just for herself, but for generations to come.


Professional Educator  & Prize- Winning Underwater Photographer

Mike is a professional educator, a prize winning underwater photographer and one of
Australia’s most published dive journalists.

Marco Inocencio

Sales Team Member & Dive Instructor

Marco has never had a job that did not involve diving since graduating from university. He worked in a pearl farm and in various research projects as a diver before starting with Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboards. In Atlantis, Marco worked his way up from being a diveshop boy to Dive Team Leader and Assistant Resort Manager. Now, Marco spreads the joys of diving in the Philippines as a member of the Atlantis Sales Team.

Kern Wei Chong


Kern Wei is a Malaysian based filmmaker for clients including BMW, Netflix, ASICS, SoImJenn, Kenji Chai Studios, YTL, TigerBlue and with work featured on TIME magazine’s ‘Climate Is Everything’ cover (April 2021) with Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi, coining him Forbes Asia’s 30Under30 Class of 2022.



Dr. Bee Cho Yin is an experienced ENT specialist with a profound passion for dive medicine. With years of expertise in ENT and keen focus on divers’ health, Dr. Bee brings a unique perspective to the underwater world. Her talk promises to be a deep dive into essentials tips for safer diving, drawing from her extensive knowledge of ENT-related issues in this exhilarating sport. Prepare to be captivated by Dr. Be insights, ensuring your next dive is both thrilling and safe.

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